How to differentiate genuine parts from fake ones

Sometimes car part replacements are a necessity, especially in instances where the car is aging or parts have become worn out due to rough driving. However, replacement of car parts is not as easy as it sounds. Many buyers have suffered the agony of being sold fake car parts rather than genuine ones which have a lot of negative impacts. In fact, one of the leading top ten causes of car accidents is having automobile parts that are defective. Such accidents result from counterfeit parts like airbags which malfunction during use. Fake car parts may not fit the specifications of the car and can also result in more complex mechanical issues with the vehicle; a situation that in the end will cost much more to have fixed.  Many people find it hard to distinguish between the fake products and the real ones when they go for car parts Beaudesert shops sell. This article establishes some of the genuine differences between the two so that you cannot be duped in your next purchase.

How OEM Parts stand to look different

Original equipment manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer and are made similar to the ones that are put in your cars when they are being made. They are normally brand new and have never passed through the hands of another car. They are also high-quality parts and may tend to be a tad more expensive than other types of parts. When you visit a retail shop that sells car parts Beaudesert wide, and they sell you parts that are much cheaper than the manufacturer retail price, then that’s the first red flag that they are fake products. The packaging of the parts will appear low quality as well.

Vehicle warranty

The warranty of your vehicle may sometimes be affected by the kind of the parts that you have installed. For example, some car manufacturers clearly state in their warranty that only OEM parts can be used while conducting Beaudesert car repairs. What this means, therefore, is that if the car service center that you visit does not use these parts, then the warranty of the car may not be honored by the manufacturer. Also, for the warranties that place a strong focus on OEM, it means that if you have a higher priced car, then the resale value of your vehicle can decrease when you don’t use the genuine car parts Beaudesert car manufacturers recommend.

Choose a car service center carefully

When looking for a car service center, it’s encouraged that you look for car service special deals on the OEM parts. This would help you save some money on your repair without compromising on the quality of the parts. When shopping around, you can ask about the kind of parts that are being utilized for replacements. If the technicians refuse to answer such a question, then that’s a red flag that you need to keep it moving to the next service provider.

When buying a new car

In case you are looking forward to buying a Hyundai or a Mitsubishi car, you can have a look at the demo Mitsubishi Beaudesert car dealers provide. The demo Hyundai Beaudesert cars enable you to know the kind of parts the cars have and the standards you would be required to maintain in the future.

It’s very important that the kind of car parts you use for replacements be original to prevent problems in the future. Visit for more information.