Kia Carnival – the way to go

The Kia Carnival is a minivan that is currently very popular among the Australians. It was introduced in September 1998 and is marketed globally under several names; Kia Sedona being the most prominent in its third generation. According to Daniel Backhaus, the Kia Carnival was Australia’s favorite people-mover after it was launched in 1999 and after over 15 years, it has proven itself as the go to family car. The 2016 Kia Sedona is a blend of practicality and utility with addition to top notch government approved safety ratings making it the car to go for. The following are the top reasons to buy kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell.

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Performance and interior features

One of the basic reasons to buy kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell is its performance. It is capable of producing an awesome 276 robust power due to its 3.3 liter engine enabling it to accelerate effortlessly. Another attribute contributing to its excellent performance is its reserve muscle, which is in plenty giving it an overtaking capability. In addition, the interior of this vehicle is luxurious, quiet and classy. The materials used are soft to touch and laid out ergonomically. Thus, you will have no need to search for climate control and radio buttons. For more information Kia Carnival Brisbane.


Buying a car is not cheap. One of the most important things is to get your money’s worth. With the 2016 carnival Kia, you will get the value you need as it is designed to bring to the market versatility and premium attributes and has succeeded in doing so. It also has a great dashboard design made of upscale materials. Thus the clearly marked dashboard buttons and easy to use controls add to the vehicle’s value. Also, the sedan comes with a basic 60,000 mile per five year warranty with an added power train warranty for 10year per 100,000 miles.

Style, practicability and noise suppression

If you are one of those who love class and practicability, then you must buy Kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell. It will perfectly match your style giving you the best. This enables you to project both a practical and carefree image. Furthermore, the model has been designed with a priority of noise suppression, making it remarkably quiet which is an admirable quality. These features and many others you can find by visiting You will then very well know that this vehicle is the way to go.

Safety, cargo and seating capacity

It is very important to buy a vehicle that has high safety ratings. The Brisbane Kia Carnival has been given good ratings in all crash tests and basic frontal crash prevention by the insurance institute for highway safety, making it safe for you and your companions. Another added attribute is its capacity for both people and cargo. The Sedona can seat 7 with the available 2nd row center seat for an additional person along with an impressive leg room. You will also find that the 3rd and 2nd row seats can be adjusted to carry cargo when necessary.

The above blend of utility and modern design of the Kia Carnival make it the perfect choice for you.

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